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TX-5® New nano-level Catalyst - New Purification Innovation Technology:


TX-5® New Nano-Level Catalyst

Which ultrafine particles 2-7nm, after spraying a transparent film to produce a porous structural coating, produces a high catalytic activity, catalytic generated by H2O2, a strong oxidizing power is generated hydroxyl radical OH, combining macromolecular inorganic ions and covering the surface of the object with aqueous solution, it can effectively absorb and quickly decompose the chemical pollutant gas in its spatial range, so that the concentration of the part is very low, and the high concentration of pollutants in other parts immediately flow to the low concentration. The incoming pollutants are quickly decomposed again, turning into non-toxic and harmless carbon dioxide CO2 and water H2O for continuous deodorization, sterilization, and decomposition of formaldehyde and organic chemical pollutants.

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Revolutionary Dual-material Composite Technology

Adding interfacial active materials to the original nano all-inorganic catalyst coating, the surface of the sprayed building materials has always maintained super active performance, and its durability can exceed 10 years. Coating 6H hardness substrate, not easy to wear, long-term effective.

This innovative technology does not require any ultraviolet light. It only needs to be in contact with the air to continuously decompose chemical pollutants 24 hours a day, so that the chemical pollutants in the entire space can be decomposed and removed. It can adsorb, induce, penetrate, decompose and remove harmful pollutants after capture.

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Decompose Organic Chemical Pollutants

It decomposes organic chemical pollutants 24 hours a day, such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, TVOC, etc.. At the same time, it deodorizes, sterilizes, anti-virus, anti-mold, anti-allergic, effectively prevents cross-infection, and has excellent performance.

During the entire decomposition process, the chemical pollutant gas eventually turns into water and carbon dioxide, which is completely harmless to the environment, pets and humans.

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Prevention of the Growth of Bacteria or Fungi in the Air

Mold may cause nasal congestion, cough, and runny nose. It may also cause allergic reactions or may cause asthma.

Our purification technology can greatly reduce the mold caused by the humidity in the air, prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi in the air, and let you have a fresh and healthy breathing environment.

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Only Air needed to Catalyze Decomposition

TX-5® New Nano-level Catalyst - As long as there is air, it can catalyze formaldehyde and common organic chemical pollutants and make it oxidized by oxygen in the air. In addition to being used in homes, this product can also achieve the antibacterial effect of removing formaldehyde in certain environments without visible light.

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Super Endurance Friction Output Test

Through the strict high-density test of the Japanese third-party Industrial Technology Research Institute, the endurance friction output test of up to 10,000 times/pressure 100g load, the construction surface is still almost intact. Calculated by wiping back and forth twice a day, the surface after construction is still effective for more than 10 years, which highlights the performance of the air catalyst's super endurance.

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Rapid Response to Viruses and Bacteria

TX-5® purification technology also uses electrostatic force, hydrogen bonding force, and hydrophobic binding between surface active molecules and protein molecules to adsorb negatively charged bacteria and accumulate on the cell wall, resulting in a compartmental blocking effect, which leads to bacteria death.

Reactive oxygen can cause damage to bacterial cells and gene structure. At the same time, its hydrophobic alkyl group can also interact with the hydrophilic group of the bacteria to change the permeability of the mantle, and then lysis occurs, destroys the bacterial cell structure, and causes cell lysis and death.

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Suitable for Application in Car Purification

The product technology is also suitable for use in cars, especially new cars. Due to the complex internal structure of cars, the air in a confined space is more susceptible to pollution than outdoor air.

Pollutants are carcinogens: they are harmful to the throat, eyes, and respiratory tract. Long-term inhalation can cause headaches and dizziness. It can also easily cause allergies, leading to asthma, rhinitis and conjunctivitis.

In order to have a healthy driving environment, we recommend using the C & D series, coupled with professional and delicate construction steps, with equipment, for purification, which can comprehensively and effectively remove and reduce pollutants.


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TX-5® purification innovation technology, with its outstanding performance, is currently the industry leader in air catalysts. We also believe that the product can solve most of the chemical pollutants in the room or in the car, bring fresh air to every citizen, and breathe healthily every day.

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